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Research Review: Dangers of “screen time” vs. teaching computing skills

When I finally get a few minutes to casually scroll through my Facebook feed, typically I see several blog posts that discuss technology. Most of them are fear mongering blog posts on all the awful effects of technology. They speak... Continue Reading →

5 Easy ways to mentally prep your child for back to school

End of July and early August is back to school time! Ah! While you still have lots of summer left to enjoy, many kids need a little help to get back into the classroom. This is true for students at... Continue Reading →

Opinion: Is Selective Education Harmful To A Nation? A Look At The History of British Education.

Recently there has been increased dissatisfaction of the education system in Europe and the United States. While the United States has had a long history of "public schools," Britain was slow to move towards schools that educated many students. This... Continue Reading →

Research Review: What is a Learning Disability and What Does it Look Like? Part 2 (Facts vs. Myths)

This article is based on my knowledge as a licensed and experienced special education teacher and from the National Center of Learning Disabilities. Back in 2014, the center published an article called "The State of Learning Disabilities." Within, they published... Continue Reading →

This article is intended to provide resources for parents directly from the state and federal government, to provide a few resources to help support learning, and connect parents with local homeschool groups. Click on the state name to be directed... Continue Reading →

Educational Intervention: Student is struggling to recall their letter sounds.

Need: Student scores intensive or strategic on the CORE letter sound survey. (If you don't have a CORE Phonics survey I highly recommend buying and using it frequently. That is a gold mine of data for teachers. However, you can... Continue Reading →

Research Review: What Is a Learning Disability and What does it Look Like? Part 1

Learning Disability... What does that mean? A Learning Disability is the most common "diagnosis" given in public school settings. Here are the specifics from the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) that students must show in order to be considered... Continue Reading →

Educational Intervention: Student Cannot Name Their Letters

Need: Student scores strategic or intensive on naming their letters on the CORE Phonics survey. (strategic is 65-82, intensive is 0-64). Approximate Developmental Age: Kindergarten/Pre-School Example Research Based Interventions: The teacher opens each session with these instructions (adapted from Schuster... Continue Reading →

Research Based Top 6 Ways Working Conditions Affect Special Education Instruction – Which School Environment Is Right For My Child?

As an educator, I am frequently asked about how parents can tell if their student is receiving great instruction. These questions include, but are not limited to: How can I tell if a curriculum is right for my child? Is... Continue Reading →

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